I am Will Binks and I am a Psychic Medium Healer Guide. I have developed my skills with the sole purpose and intention of improving  & supporting myself and others to attain wellbeing. The title of Spirit Intuitive = Change Medium reflects who I am, what I do and how I do it. I seek to do no harm and I work towards the highest good of all concerned. 

The design of my logo embraces positive symbology and association towards Love orientated change to overcome Fear based limitations. 

All is not without reason.

I believe that without a focus towards positive change, this type of work lacks light filled meaning and purpose. I also believe that all Medium and Psychic application should always be directed towards a positive intent outcome, therefore attracting wholesome supportive energies to work with.

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Healing – appropriate to the need, in the right way & at the right time.

Clearing of Space & Time - Addressing and removing negative energies & unwelcome entities from people, places of habitation, pets and material objects.

Harmonising Health - Addressing illness through identifying causes and limitations impeding the attainment of good health. Removal of obstructions & blockages on all levels, connected with illness. Direction towards supportive health options that would assist in harmonising health.

Perception re-orientation - Consideration and removal of limitations and blockages held within perception. Identification of the role that we have played in our experience and the responsibility that we have to ourself and others. Reflection of the self to the self. Faith and Forgiveness.  Needs vs. Wants.Awareness of the perspective of others.Speaking one's own truth and actioning a real  'Yes' or 'No!'

Aura clearing, chakra repair & balancing - removal of dark/negative energy from the aura (energetic body) of an individual.  Elimination of imbalances within the Chakra zones of the physical body. Correction of energy flow within the being.

Grief & trauma – Identification of past grief & trauma held within the physical & energetic bodies. Allowing for their awareness to enter our conscious states, to actively address them, remove them or trans-mutate into a positive outcome.

Overcoming addiction & destructive tendencies - Identify issue relevent to the underlying cause. Direction finding to overcome insecurities and/or external interference, obstructing positive change outcomes.

Skill acquisition – Attainment of happiness & positive fulfilment through movement & change.
Life progression – right decisions for the right time towards the right outcomes. Validation of journey & purpose. Forward progression relevent to the experience.

Connection to the other side – Supporting connection to loved ones passed.

Feng Shui & Geomancy – remedy of adverse energetic influences to create harmony within the living environment. Relating directly to where & how individuals live. 

The development of skill requires sustained application towards change. When a skill is aquired to a high proficiency, a professional ability is achieved. My skills and abilities effect the physical & energetic constructs through the following change modalities:

Intrinsic Healing Approach – My own personal healing technique, developed through intuitive guidance & insight. Movement of energy within the  physical & energetic constructs of the being to resolve issues. Examples of this work are:

  • Intuitive scanning of the body to identify dysfunction and areas of poor health that require attention. I feel the change that is required in a body.

  • Using an individuals own energy from high energy concentration areas to activate areas of low energy within the individual. 

  • Undoing energy blockages through disconnection from the causitive, issue, grief or trauma that is associated with it.
Usui Rieki - Mastership level. Laying on of hands to support improvement of health and connection to ones own spirit through drawing on and transference of universal love energy.

Huna – Modification of Mana or Life Force energy that exists in all, through application of Will, Intent & Action.

East/West Cupping – modern and ancient techniques of glass flame cupping using oils and liniments to relieve limitation, tightness and stagnation (lack of blood flow) in the muscles, connective tissues & fascia. Allows for improved circulation of blood flow. 

Ortho-Bionomy – release of stress & trauma from the past that remain within the physical and energetic constructs of the being. Used to re-align the constructs to their natural forms and allow for trapped energy to be released.

Remedial Massage therapy - Physical manipulation of soft tissue (muscle) and connective tissue (ligaments, tendons & fascia) to create the desired outcome. My techniques are unique and get results.  Qualified, Registered & Insured. Private Health Care rebates available.

Physical conditioning – Mindful movements for physical repair and rehabilitation. Techniques and practices drawn from Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dao In, Rehabiliation Exercises & Functional Movement. 

 ‘In seeking balance & wellbeing, I activate supportive healing properties through the elemental vibrations of crystals, visualisations, meditations, sound, water, affirmations, herbs & plants, white light & bush flower essences.’  

Will Binks 2015

Spirit Intuitive Change Medium Psychic Healer